Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams

Though, in some areas, there is considerable discussion as to who Abul Mogard actually is (many peoples money being on Moby or Panabrite or Pye Corner Audio), I am here to categorically state that I don't give a flying fuck who it is when the music is this amazingly awesome! Above All Dreams is a staggering suite of widescreen landscapes painted in self-built modular synth strokes; the lushest, industrial-est, ambient-est shit to hit the fan since Mogard's beautifully absorbing Circular Forms in 2015.
Counting six original pieces in its 66-minute wingspan, there's no mistaking that Above All Dreams is the most expansive solo release by Mogard to date. Taking into account its intangible divinity and cinematic quality - the result of no less than three years diligent work - it is arguably elevated to the level of his master opus; presenting a modular distillation of Mogard's most intoxicating strain of hauntology. Consistent with Mogard's music since the sought-after VCO tapes, c. 2012-2013, the allure to Above All Dreams lies in his ability to evoke and render feelings which are perhaps purposefully avoided in more academic echelons of drone music. Rather than a purist expression of physics through maths and geometry, Mogard voices his soul, improvising on modular synth for hours, days, months, and years in the same way a more conventional "band" develops group intuition. 
The results are best considered as the ephemera of non-verbal communications. From the gaseous bloom of "Quiet Dreams" to the opiated depth of "Where Not Even" to the starlit awn of "Upon The Smallish Circulation", and through the B side's keeling, 16 minute+ panoramas of "Above All Dreams" and "The Roof Falls", the power of Abul Mogard's dreams above all transcends sound, feeling, and physics in a truly remarkable way that evades words or concrete notation. (Lee)
Hugely RIYL: Alessandro Cortini, early Oneohtrix Point Never, Coil, Brian Eno.
Check out a track here.