The Afghan Whigs - In Spades
(Sub Pop)

In 2014, Greg Dulli put aside his other projects (The Gutter Twins and The Twilight Singers) to resurrect his most beloved band, The Afghan Whigs. Along with co-founder and bassist John Curley, they decided to reconvene the band in New Orleans and record mostly live (not attempted since 1996’s Black Love), giving their new LP In Spades, a very lived-in and road seasoned ambiance. But they sound as powerful as ever with a classic tonality reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Husker Du simultaneously.
Look no further than “Oriole” for the Whigs’ signature, mournful tone draped atop crunchy hooks and downtrodden lyrics. As Dulli put it in the press release for the LP, “It’s a spooky record,” and that sense is set forth right from lead-off track “Birdland” and the follow-up “Arabian Nights” which finds Dulli howling alongside guitar theatrics and a master class in rhythmic fills by new member and ex-Raconteur, Patrick Keeler. You can always count on Dulli for a dark ballad or three whether it’s with the Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins or The Afghan Whigs, and he gives us as much on “Demon In Profile.” However what starts out as a piano-born mourner, quickly gains momentum with propulsive drumming, brass attacks and a whole mess of guitar leads and noise filled washes. 
With In Spades there is no letdown and no filler from Dulli and the Afghan Whigs. This is substantial, hearty and rapturous rock music that feels right for the times and necessary for the years to come. Take heed! (Dom)
Check out a track here.