Âmes Sanglantes - Chindia Tower Impalements
(Hospital Productions)

Triple-CD reissue.  Great eight-panel, foil block digipack.  Originally released as a triple cassette of only 66 copies in 2015.  Âmes Sanglantes means "bloody souls".  Nowhere else in Âmes Sanglantes' sprawling and massive wild/punk/junk discography has Pierre-Marc Tremblay's ideas been more focused than on the epic and original Chindia Tower Impalements.  Three whole hours, newly remastered, of dense, crackling, burbling, scary "noise" from someone now stamping their name as one of the most original and overlooked extreme electronic operators of the '90s North American cassette underground.  Shockingly, after nearly 100+ cassette-only releases since 1996, this is the first Âmes Sanglantes compact disc.  Chindia Tower Impalementsis disorientating and distorted but also highly textural, and it's not a stretch to this reviewer that the press release mentions the likes of William Basinski.  Meanwhile, at high volume, it reminded me of having an electrified length of barbed-wire inserted into one ear & gradually pulled out the other.  (Lee)
Check out a track here.