Amm- Ammmusic
(Black Truffle)

Tension, intensity, unpredictability, indestructibility; these are the words that I dare use to try to relate what you will find in the grooves of AMM's AMMMUSIC, their landmark debut album recently reissued by Black Truffle. How can an album that most people have not heard or even heard of be considered a landmark? In the sense that AMMMUSIC proves that extreme dissonance and extreme music is certainly not a new idea. The idea of a “Noise Group” may be a somewhat recent coinage to describe music that seems to be free of any structure, melody, or the kind of pleasantries found within music free of the word "noise", but the practice of such concepts certainly is not. This album was recorded in 1966 by a group of British Jazz musicians who sought after a new form of expression and that exploratory nature is abound on both sides of this album. This is not an album that rocks. It is an album that stings. An album that simmers and screams, pounds and prods, an album that would sit nicely next to your copy of the Eraserhead soundtrack. It's extremism is unavoidable but is also oddly soothing to those who find themselves searching for new forms of “noise” music, and simply baffling that any music of its kind could be birthed in '66. This is the first vinyl reissue of the album since its initial release in '67 coinciding with it's 50th anniversary, and proves that its dissonance and ferocity has only become finer with age. (Adam)
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