And - Social Decay
(Electric Deluxe)

Although there are hundreds of newer electronic music acts who wield heaviness and saturated sound as their primary weapons, AnD keeps finding bold new ways to separate themselves from the rank and file.  The production duo of Andrew and Dimitri - conduits for the industrial music legacy of Manchester - excel at showing that aesthetic extremity does not have to equal monotony.  Social Decay is simultaneously one of their most overwhelming and most innovative efforts. This visceral new release comes from the same hazardous, blasted terrain that informs the work of kindred spirits like Kerridge, Oake, and Justin Broadrick's many projects.  Whereas AnD's previous album Cosmic Microwave Background utilized the duo's intensity to pay homage to the enormity of the universe and the incomprehensibly violent processes involved in its creation, Social Decay takes things back to earth and right down to a "street view" more gritty and contentious than what Google Maps often reveals.
AnD continuously deliver crunching beats and looped warning cries, maybe hinting at the fact that reality is not far removed at all from this record's representation of it. Blistering!!! (Lee)
Check out a track here.