Arca - S/T

In just five short years as an active recording artist, Alejandro Ghersi (aka Arca) has already amassed quite a resume. He lent production duties to Kanye West on 2013’s chaotic Yeezus, produced with FKA Twigs on EP2 and then was significantly involved in Bjork’s last LP, Vulnicura, as producer and songwriter. His 2nd LP from 2015, Mutant, received wide acclaim for its stark, jagged and industrial electronic soundscapes that were somehow still cohesive and engrossing.
Now signed to XL, Arca unveils another side of Ghersi. He’s back creating warped atmospheres with estranged beats however he’s now using his voice as well with lyrics sung in his native Spanish. At the behest of Bjork, Ghersi decided to utilize his angelic vocals adding a new dimension to the fragmented hypnosis of “Reverie” and the chilling din of opener “Piel.” Impressively, Ghersi is able to inject warmth and humanity into these songs. “Sin Rumbo” pulses and surges with his operatic and sublime voice practically urging the synth washes and icy mood forward. And later on, “Desafio” channels John Carpenter with angular synth stabs and space induced vocals. 
Arca feels like a true advancement within the electronic music field of music. It has the ability to appeal both to the avant-garde and the adventurous pop listener. Truly a difficult achievement, yet Alejandro Ghersi has done just that. (Dom)
Check out a track here.