Arcade Fire - Everything Now
(Sonovox / Columbia)

Well, the much-hyped, long delayed new album by the Arcade Fire is here. To be honest, I do not have many positive things to say about this album. For someone who enjoyed their first three albums, I simply can’t find much that satisfies me with Everything Now. Here’s what I will say though…
If you enjoyed the dance-laden, thumping, James Murphy produced Reflektor, you may be ready to throw down with Everything Now. The band worked with Steve Mackey of Pulp, Geoff Barrow of Portishead, and, most noticeably, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. The latter’s influence is clear with the obvious nods to disco on tracks such as “Electric Blue,” the clear Blondie pull on “Signs Of Life,” the certain nods to Abba on lead single “Everything Now” and the Talking Heads template from the expansive and synthy “Creature Comfort.”
If this floats your boat and you’re in need of arena-ready dance-pop, we’ve got Everything Now….right now! (Dom)
Check out a track here