Black Spirituals – Black Access / Black Axes

Mark my words.  In the future all music will sound this way...

Four years in the making, Black Access / Black Axes is the 7th release from Black Spirituals but the first I've been able to get my hands on.  Black Spirituals is an experimental, improvising duo comprising guitarist Zachary James Watkins and drummer Marshall Trammell.  They've toured with Earth and this colossal-sounding album was produced by the band and Randall Dunn (Sunno))), Eyvind Kang).

Their music (like their name) points both towards specific bodies of songs and toward ideas greater than any number of songs. They are interested in the trajectories of black music, past and present, but deliver the newest forms of "new music" I have experienced, transcending any and all genres.  Using the studio as an instrument these fugitive planners enact "ruptural and enraptured" soundscapes that offer a space of refuge within which enlightenment can be attained.  Like spirituality itself, this music is beautifully beyond definition.

Excellent artwork & booklet by Faith Coloccia (directed by the band).  Edition of 300.  Buy or die. (Lee)
Check out some samples here.