Body / Head - The Switch

Guitar-noise duo Body / Head have returned with The Switch, their first proper full length since their most excellent 2013 debut Coming Apart. For those of us who mourn the loss of Sonic Youth and have been left unfulfilled or just plain let down by former members output post dissolution, Body / Head is as good as it gets. Throughout her 30+ year career, Kim Gordon has developed an aesthetic so singular that to hear her at her best is both comforting and inspiring. Her approach to the guitar isn’t about technicality yet it’s wholly emotive while her vocal style is so patented that it essentially exists as a descriptor for female experimental rock vocals. Body / Head relies on the tension and release of improvisation but The Switch employs a sense of self-awareness that keeps the momentum of the album intact. It's always impressive to me when an improvisational artist is able to construct clearly defined songs rather than only offer an endless collage of sound. The Switch definitely strives for the former. Gordon has found a more than suitable counterpoint in her partner Bill Nace and their guitar work effortlessly blends together as a unified expression of ugliness. Let me make that clear; the music of Body/Head is ugly – sometimes peaceful, but always disorienting. For a group that relies solely on voice and guitar as a sonic palate, Body / Head has yet again proven that sometimes those are the only instruments you need to prove your point. (Adam)
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