Anna Homler & Steve Moshier - Breadwoman and Other Tales
(RVNG Intl)

The concept of the Breadwoman was born out of LA performance artist Anna Homler and a need to create an expressive voice that transcended time, gender or stylistic comparison. Alongside Steve Moshier’s ground-breaking, electronic soundscapes she did just that and it sounds like nothing else.
The Breadwoman originated from Homler’s need to sing. She sung while she drove in her car, while she did the dishes, while she walked down the street. She sang. And while doing so, she created her own language that she began recording on cassettes in her car that she began calling "The Whale." Homler performed in “The Whale,” inviting participants to join her in her cosmic ride while loops of her vocalizations serenaded them.
Simultaneously, she realized she needed to assume a new role visually. After seeing a homeless woman with a wrap around her head, she decided to mimic this by wearing bread. Absurd? Indeed. But to her, bread represented the cross-section of logic and mythology. The idea of soaking up all the saturation from the air.
Homler discovered Moshier as part of the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra (CRMO) and she began exchanging her looped voices with Moshier who in turn, began creating avant electronic tapestries for her voices to live on. The results are hypnotic, haunting and mysterious and do in fact stand outside of time or style while taking shape as uncategorizable, post-modernist mantras. 
Originally self-released on cassette only, RVNG Intl does excellent work here presenting Breadwoman & Other Tales as an LP complete with booklet and photographs. Completely singular music and highly recommended. (Dom)
Check out a track here.