Bro. Valentino - Stay Up Zimbabwe
(Analog Africa)

Here’s a special, 2-track release by Analog Africa celebrating 2 of the most well-known songs by Trinidadian calypso legend Bro. Valentino. He began performing in the calypso style in the early 70’s using his voice as a mouthpiece for the poor and marginalized being dubbed "The People's Calypsonian."
In 1979, his revolutionary anthem “Stay Up Zimbabwe” won the hearts and minds of the islands becoming the unofficial anthem of the Grenadian revolution. He was able to rally again the following year with the infectious and disco fueled “Ah Wo.” Valentino’s blend of calypso, funk, soca and disco has become lauded amongst disco enthusiasts and his short discography of recordings are quite difficult to source. Not only that, but his songs were voted as some of the top 200 calypsos of the 70’s.
The great Analog Africa has taken these 2 cuts and paired them together for this special release. Beautiful silk-screened cover on turquoise vinyl. (Dom)
Check out a track here