Carl Stone - Electronic Music From the Seventies and Eighties
(Unseen Worlds)

Carl Stone is a name that may not be immediately familiar to the average Electro-Acoustic/Musique Concrete aficionado. This is good news however, as that same enthusiast will now have another name to pile on the list of must-be-heards of the genre, or rather of the mindset, as when side by side there is hardly a more common link between the names than a certain sense of exploration. That sense of curiosity is in abundance in this triple LP compilation. Electronic Music From The Seventies And Eighties does an incredible job of placing pieces of music realized through different means and/or approaches next to one another glued together by an undeniable sense of style from the composer, manipulator, explorer, or all of the above. Through techniques including turn table experiments, studio trickery, Buchla Synth pieces, early computer processed compositions, proto sampling technology, Carl Stone proves he deserves a place in the pantheon of experimental music. And For those who are already familiar, consider this a top notch sampler covering major touchstones of Stone's career. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dub Plates Mastering which for those who aren't familiar, this means you are in for a sonically satisfying experience to say the least. If the word EXPERIMENTAL peaks your interest, consider this collection your feast and dig in. (Adam)
Check out a track here.