Cindy Lee - Act Of Tenderness
(W. 25th)

When guitarist Patrick Flegel parted ways with his bandmates in Women, (after the death of guitarist Chris Reimer), he created the alter-ego of Cindy Lee. While it’s unclear if Cindy Lee is Flegel’s new band or a solo moniker, what is clear is the concise statement the artist has created for Act Of Tenderness.
Originally issued in a small edition of 300 copies on Flegel’s CCQSK imprint, the record now sees wider release on the W. 25 label. There’s hardly a whiff of post-punk on Act Of Tenderness. Instead expect noise-addled and no-wave inspired torch songs hued with a sense of abandon and kaleidoscopic imagery. It merges the sounds of recent bands such as Broadcast and Deerhunter with a distinct foot in the past owing debts to 60’s pop and girl group sounds. The record is beautiful and cathartic in its starkness however it goes down a terrifying and harsh pathway by the middle of the 2nd side thanks to the shrieking chaos of “Bonsai Garden” and the ambient hiss on “Miracle Of The Rose.” And just when you think the record is in for a rocky finale, Cindy Lee close out the LP with the gorgeous, sparse and wonderfully lush folds of “Wandering And Solitude.”
A definite winner and another branch on the continuously rewarding family tree of that great Calgary band Women. And certainly seek out their other LP, Malenkost. (Dom)
Check out a track here.