Coil - Another Brown World
(Sub Rosa)

Sub Rosa proves how vital their presence is with their first ever vinyl treatment on two, hard to find, Coil tracks of the past. Two tracks, from totally different periods, stacked together for no other reason besides the fact that your record collection will be better off with their inclusion. Another Brown World (a clever play on Eno's Another Green World, of course) from 1989 is a prime example of Coil doing what they do best; titling pieces of music after fecal matter and meditating on industrial soundscapes. This is not the Coil you are accustomed to based on their works such as Scatology or Horse Rotovator. This is the Coil more reminiscent of their earliest masterpiece How To Destroy Angels. It’s a piece of music based on a repetitive motif that is as ugly as it is relaxing, as cold as it is inviting. No doubt, the aforementioned albums are essential and cornerstones in the history of industrial music. But there is no groove to dance to on this release, no song to sing along to. The goal is not so much a release of energy but a harnessing of energy. The flip side, “Baby Food,” is in the same meditative tradition of the earlier side but picks up in 1993 and is clearly an evolved version of the former. The sonics are not as cold largely due to the technology of the time but it may be even more trance-like in its effects. What is so great about this release is that it shows a side of the group without any flirtation of melodic tendencies. This is Coil without the ego. Pure id. Available on vinyl for the first time. (Adam)
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