Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell
(Conspiracy International)

Although there are many offshoots and side projects within the world of Throbbing Gristle, it is rare that you find any release credited solely to founding member Cosey Fanni Tutti. So when it was announced that her first solo effort post Throbbing Gristle was finally getting the reissue treatment, and on LP for the first time, it was clearly cause for investigation. Time To Tell, originally released on cassette only in 1983, is a sort of audio companion to the modus operandi of Ms. Tutti. It feels like an industrial music thesis statement. Over a slowly simmering electronic backdrop she speaks quite clearly, and concisely, about her forays into various, and uncharacteristic fields within creative arts, that being the sex industry. Long before she was breaking ground with the monolithic Throbbing Gristle, her focus was on investigating her fascination with the sexual fantasies and practices of our species, which naturally put her in some uncompromising and sometimes terrifying situations. Clearly she was on a path of unconventional self expression. Her mantra is quite clear; (“my life is my art, and my art is my life”), as is her desire to tap into the darker sides of humanity serving her well throughout her career with incomparable results. Time To Tell is no different. Whether you are a long time TG fan or interested in female empowerment and its practice in the arts, this is a mind expanding release, pressed on clear vinyl with a beautiful and thorough color booklet with archival photos, essays, and interviews. Time To Tell is is valuable for its educational aspects but also for its unsettling and arresting nature. Clearly, Cosey wouldn't have it any other way. (Adam)
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