Crime - Murder By Guitar
(Superior Viaduct)

Known as one of the earliest US punk bands and the first punks to release a single on the west coast in 1976, Crime hammered an unknowing public with thrashing guitars, crude performances and blasted melodies. Their notoriety stemmed from the sheer volume at which they played with simple, stripped down Rock N Roll songs in an all-out chaotic manner. 
San Francisco was simply not ready for their self-released, debut single “Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You’re So Repulsive” at the end of 1976. The A-side, is one of the all-time best punk songs, influencing a slew of bands to come including The Wipers, Gun Club, Husker Du and Sonic Youth (who would later cover the track on Sister). Though they only officially released 3 singles in their brief 4 year career, their impact looms large in the development of west coast punk.
Superior Viaduct does it again with this comp, Murder By Guitar. Not only does it include all sides of their singles but they also tack on 9 previously unreleased recordings from 1976-1980.
This is a must! (Dom)
Check out a track here.