Daughters - Hell Songs
(Hydra Head)

Over a decade after it's release in 2006, the infamous sophomore LP from Daughters,Hell Songs, gets a lavish and tidy new reissue from it's original label Hydra Head. It was an album that spearheaded a drastic and inspired change from the short-and-spastic, grindcore tinged sounds of their debut, Canada SongsHell Songs, is an intensely heavy and tight record. The production is crisp and punishing in all the right ways. It's clear and refined, but none of the intensity is lost. The original and inventive guitar riffs whizz by, skrong, groove and slam at a rapid pace while adding in some great drums and ridiculous syncopated double bass moments. It definitely stands out among their other mathcore contemporaries at the time like Dillinger Escape Plan and The Locust. The newly discovered David Yow-worshipping vocal stylings certainly helped with Daughters individuality too. An inventive and refreshing record that still holds up from a time when heavy music was seriously lacking. (VII)
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