Dave Barker Meets The Upsetters - Prisoner of Love
(Music On Vinyl)

Just before he teamed up with keyboardist Ansel Collins, Dave Barker was just getting his start as a recording artist with singles on Treasure Isle and Studio One. In 1970, he joined Lee Perry and The Upsetters in the studio for what would make up his album debut, Prisoner Of Love. What would follow is yet another example of Lee Perry cutting some of the finest productions of his career, in the heart of his time producing rocksteady. 
Prisoner of Love came out on Trojan in 1970 and it became one of their biggest hits. Barker shines throughout with a truly stellar voice on Perry’s songs and it’s easy to see why he was considered one of the most soulful vocalists of the era. Perry himself, is in easy rocksteady mode but nicely accentuates the tracks with light muted guitar, alto, bright organs and lively pianos. Beautiful melodies, classic Perry production and a golden voice from Barker. 
Based on how nice the previous Music On Vinyl releases looked and sound, it’s an easy choice for Prisoner Of Love. Limited to 700, 180gram orange vinyl. A no brainer. (Dom)
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