Dialysis - Pretty Men

It's with great joy that I finally get to review an LP from a (semi) local band. Syracuse, NY's very own grind/hardcore, blast trio Dialysis have finally released their debut full length after a couple of fun, and solid as hell 7" EP's. The big, bold step onto a larger format means more time to fill up. It's a tricky position for any band, much more for a band that is pretty rooted in the short and urgent song stylings of grindcore. The album opens up with an unprecedentedly long, 3-minute track with saxophone in the mix to boot! The usual tasteful humor and fun energy Dialysis have on all their EP's has prevailed on Pretty Men lyrically, not to mention the samples they throw in throughout (there's two Ren and Stimpy samples, how could you not love that?). There's also a good amount of phone noises, dial tones and voice messages that tie the album together in a consistent way. Musically, Pretty Men plays like a genre buffet -  you get a little bit of everything. A total mixture of hardcore grooves, death metal riffs, blast beats galore and mid tempo stompers. Did I mention saxophone? Definitely worth a pick up and listen. The boys did it again. (VII)
Check out a track here