Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions

Long running experimental rock band Do Make Say Think have always done things on their own terms. Birthed in Toronto in the mid 90s, the band is strictly independent producing their records on their own and having rarely toured in their 20 year career. Always on Constellation. Mostly instrumental. Always forward thinking. Always good.
Stubborn Persistent Illusions is their first album since 2009’s Other Truths. Produced and conceived at Ohad Benchetrit’s studio, th’Schvitz, from 2014-2016, Do Make Say Think continue to create music within the post-rock net that is unexpected and avoids the norms of what some of their contemporaries (and perhaps more generic bands) have relied on. They harness beauty and chaos within explosive dynamics but with a jazz-like approach that puts them at the forefront of post-rock much like their compadres in Montreal, Godspeed You Black Emperor! They do so with limited instrumentation (mostly guitars and some keyboards) while taking an almost scientific approach to song structure. However they retain a spirituality too. Take “Bound” and “Boundless;” 2 tracks that run into each other between side A and B on the double LP. Effervescent harmonics and springy guitars make way for fuzzy slide guitars and big-beat drums. Before long those fade out into swirling guitar pyrotechnics that are dizzying and simply magical. Just when you’re becoming hypnotized, they interrupt that enchantment with harsh keyboard alarms, militant drums and a crescendo that is way in-the-red. You can feel Do Make Say Think laying out their attack, but doing so thoughtfully, with great precision and with loads of heart.
Stubborn Persistent Illusions will likely gain the same kind of fanfare that the band usually gets: some quiet critical acclaim, mild enthusiasm and an affirming pat on the back. That’s just the kind of reaction they inspire from the here-today / gonetomorrow music world in 2017. However for those who are listening closely; you’re probably hearing the album of the year. Listen in. (Dom)
Check out a track here.