Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With

Possible album title of the year? American, brutal death metal staple, Dying Fetus really push any finesse or subtlety out the window on their 8th studio full length's branding. I find it pretty fitting that the band opted to go back to their original, much more drippy logo on the cover art. It’s something that hasn't graced a Dying Fetus release since the Grotesque Impalement EP back in 2000. A terrific bold statement in my opinion; it states that the band is still, and always has been, incredibly true to their roots and are still creating some really exceptional death metal 20+ years later. Wrong One To Fuck With is yet again, another wonderful entry in the bands solid career. They’ve long perfected their tried and true blend of incredibly technical and tight riffs, mixed with undeniably earwormy grooves and breakdowns. Vocalist/guitarist John Gallagher is a bonafide machine, still churning out completely crushing riffs. While there are very few surprises on this new album (as stated before they have a very signature and perfectly crafted style), it's still a pretty undeniable good time. There is also a very keen focus on songwriting and a large amount of attention to detail in every song. Each track has a staggering amount of riffing and transitions, often times navigating differing sections in the most natural of ways. The album is a bit long, and I did find myself tuning out a little towards the end. The album does finish strong though and without a doubt, Wrong One To Fuck With deserves a hearty recommendation coming from one of the most consistently impressive bands in death metal. (VII)
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