Exek - Ahead Of Two Thoughts
(W. 25th)

The latest signing to Superior Viaduct’s W. 25th off-shoot (a sub-label focused on current bands), Exek come out of Australia with a sound steeped in some of the great post-punk from the early 80’s. 
Now expanded to a 4-piece lineup on their 2nd album Ahead Of Two Thoughts, frontman and singer / guitarist Albert Wolski leans heavy on dub sensibilities with slack, haze-infected rhythms that would make Jah Wobble and John Lydon quite proud. There’s elements of This Heat present on the disaffected “U-Mop” and “Henry’s Dream” with creepy guitar squall and an insestous, and minimal bassline pulling it all together. Another nice element of Exek is the addition of Neil Grant on saxophone which gives some color, albeit muted shades, to the continuously darkened rhythms that populate Ahead Of Two Thoughts.
Too many bands get tied up in trying to fussy-up the classic post-punk sound with studio chicanery and psychedelic warble. Exek keep things minimal and frigid with good songs to boot. Great new band to keep yer eye on! (Dom)
Check out a track here.