Family Of Apostolic - S/T
(Light In The Attic)

It's easy to walk by this record. Many certainly have. Had it not been for a heads-up email I received from Light In The Attic in April of last year, this record could have just as easily slipped by me too. What they told me is that they were about to reissue an album from 1968, put out by a commune that covers East and West traditional folk, psychedelic rock, children's songs and the avant-garde. 
I’d be hard pressed to come up with another album that contains all of those descriptors besides the singular and excellent Family Of Apostolic. As unassuming as its cover may be (a portrait of a founding members’ 3 year old daughter), the content of this album is the execution of a very clear cut concept – the members wanted the album to feel natural, as if each song was a document of a natural occurrence no matter the style or origins of the song. This is accomplished over and over again throughout the sprawling double LP. Your first listen may be a confusing one, as they merrily go from piece to piece, almost from era to era. As I digitally skipped from track to track, trying to feel out the latest LITA offering, it was almost as if I blindly clicked through links of all music ever made from anywhere on earth. The connecting thread may seem thin at first but by the end of the album you realize that it's almost impossible to tell which songs are originals and which are just another recitation of aural tradition. And therein lies the albums’ greatest success – it implies that all music throughout time is connected by a thread of humanity if nothing else. That regardless of style or intention, there is a lineage of adventurous people expressing themselves in daring ways, wherever or whenever you look throughout the history of recorded music. 
I can now easily say that Family Of Apostolic is a fundamental piece of my record collection and it is now here for you and yours. (Adam)
Check out a track here.