Föllakzoid- II
(Sacred Bones)

Around 5 years ago, Sacred Bones began shining the spotlight on Santiago, Chile, which as of late has become a small hotbed of psychedelic rock. Föllakzoid along with friends The Holydrug Couple, are drenched in spacey atmospherics, reverb and droning effects, creating an embryonic psych-scene reminiscent of what Dungen, The Amazing and Life on Earth have established in Stockholm.
Föllakzoid come from a land very far from Germany but their mission statement seems to be one of full-on Krautrock tribute letting their songs stretch out and repeat over that so widely used, but also adored, rhythm known as motorik. Though it was issued on the US in 2013, Föllakzoid’s 2nd LP II is now being reissued in a 10th Anniversary, special “outer-space colored vinyl” edition to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Sacred Bones Records. This music sounds as interstellar and entrancingly beautiful as ever. Lead-off space-dweller "9" readies us for their intentions with serious nods to Harmonia and Amon Duul II as well as Moon Duo, with its repetitive patterns, stretched out swirling guitar and cosmic underpinnings. Föllakzoid clearly understand that patience and harmonic simplicity create the best psychedelic music and "Rivers" reflects that with its syncopated beat, warped synths and a symphony of cascading guitars. "99" gets a little more bluesy as well as heavy, but throughout its 9-minutes, never betrays the beat nor the hypnotic swell that comes from the onslaught of guitars and synthesizers. 
II is one of many entries into the thick field of psychedelic concept recordings but Föllakzoid's unassuming and organic slow-burns give them a clear edge over their contemporaries thanks to their dedication to the pulse and gravitational force of German space-rock. After 2015’s excellent III and this new edition of II, here’s to hoping the forthcoming IV brings more of the same magic. (Dom)
Check out a track here.