Function - Recompiled I / II
(Ostgut Ton / A-Ton)

Function aka David Sumner is one of my all time favorite techno producers.  An underground legend, from his Limelight residency, to his work with Regis / Silent Servant as Sandwell District, to his solo work, Function is an enduring and absolutely essential part of the techno and electronic music landscape. Recompiled I / II is the first part of a two-part Function retrospective from Ostgut Ton sublabel A-Ton.  A mixture of released and previously unreleased tracks, including Function's remix of "Falling The Same Way" by Sandwell District and "Golden Dawn (feat. Stefanie Parnow) (Version)" by Function.
If you know Function then you'll buy this for the unreleased swag (and the very nice booklet!).  If you don't know Function then this is thee PERFECT introduction to his widescreen world.  Time to get with it kids...(Lee)
Check out a track here