GAS - Rausch

Following a 17 year hiatus, Wolfgang Voigt (under the pseudonym GAS) released Narkopop last year to unanimous acclaim. Now, the Cologne based founder of the revered Kompakt label, returns swiftly with what is, for me, the definitive GAS document, Rausch.  Specifically created as a single composition, and designed to be listened to as a whole from beginning to end, Rausch is outstanding in every way. Managing somehow to miraculously straddle genres (modern classical / minimal techno / ambient) in a way that no-one else could even begin to comprehend, Voigt offers us a unique listening experience that almost defies description.  If the above-mentioned genres even remotely float yr boat then you are in for a real treat as the work unfurls in a grand Teutonic style.  An absolutely stunning record.  Sit back.  Enjoy this glorious ride...(Lee)
Check out a track here.