V/A - Girls In The Garage Vol. 1
(Past & Present)

The long running Girls In The Garage series spans about 15 volumes which have continuously, and most excellently, unearthed and presented garage rarities from the 1960’s all executed by women. The groups compiled on these comps were able to record songs that were primal and melodic but also stripped-down and just damn good. Men weren’t the only ones inspired to pick up instruments and slap a song together. Women had the same urge and while none of these groups were able to make a splash, they had at least 1 moment of glory which is what Girls In The Garagesought to uncover.
In 1987, the very first collection was released and it would influence new editions as recent as just last year. Thirty years later, that first volume is finally back in print. Now pressed on 180 gram vinyl with a 4 page booklet, Girls In The Garage Vol. 1 is available again, ready to fill a much needed hole in your collection. Witness the lysergic chaos and super-delayed guitars in The Models’ version of “Bend Me, Shake Me.” The super fuzz and massive backbeat of The Luv’d Ones “Up Down Sue.” The fried jangle of Lydia Marcelle’s “The Girl He Needs.” The crude swagger of The Bittersweet’s “Hurtin’ Kind.” The run of tracks on this comp is absolutely top-notch and consistently killer. They’re sweet, sour, nasty, catchy and just a whole lot of fun all around. (Dom)
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