Gunn-Trucinski Duo.jpg

Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Bay Head
(Three Lobed)

The psych-leaning, primitive and transcendent guitarist Steve Gunn continues his prolific run with a new LP by the Gunn-Truscinski Duo. Steve Gunn has been recording with the drumming synth wielder John Truscinski since 2010 in between his proper band albums for Matador, (which lean more towards rustic, indie-roots rock) and his work with The Black Twig Pickers which live in the avant world with tape loops, rural experimentalism and frayed instrumentation. Not to mention his Indian raga and Appalachian folk flavored work with GHQ and his collaboration with MC Taylor, Golden Gunn. Steve Gunn is a busy man
But here we have the third LP by the Gunn-Truscinski Duo for Three Lobed, Bay Head, which shows Truscinski and Gunn stretching out over synth meditations, cosmic atmospheres and washes of psychedelic beauty. Gunn while clearly influenced by psychedelia, is also a student of Indian classical and American primitivism. He beautifully shifts from deep-space workouts on “Seagull For Chuck Berry” to darkened, Fahey-like hymns like the warped, backwoods living “Quiet Storm (Taksim III).” Bay Head is entirely instrumental but there’s still plenty of lyricisms in the form of Gunn’s kaleidoscopic guitar and Trucinski’s wrangling of hazy moods. “Gunter” achieves this and then some with Gunn utilizing shredding feedback and layers of fuzz while Trucinski employs a modest and relaxed drumbeat amidst the squall and drone.
Bay Head is likely to slip under the radar as the end of the year approaches but Gunn-Truscinski deserve your attention. You won’t hear a better combination of fried explorations and quieted mood this year. (Dom)
Check out a track here.