V/A - Harbinger Sound Sampler
(Harbinger Sound)

Normally, I tend to overlook new compilation records but this one peaked my interest from the first time I read about it. And luckily the resulting (and affordable) payoff was very worth it. A contemporary, modern-throwback sampler for the new age. Featuring new and exclusive cuts all from artists affiliated with UK label Harbinger Sound. I picked it up mainly for the new jams from some of my personal favorites, Sleaford Mods and Consumer Electronics. Both respective tracks display the bands at supreme quality, and are definitely worth their fans seeking out. The remaining bulk of the compilation is rooted in punk, new and old, strange and straightforward. From the screechy, noisy punk from contemporaries Toylettes and The Lowest Form, to old school names like The Urinals, Chaos UK and Steve Ignorant. What's a good sampler without some noise mixed in as well? Teriksroset (an artist I discovered because of this record), ends the tracks with a solid wall of crunchy, analog noise. Mark Durgan opens side B with a wonderfully intense bit of screechy music concrete. The previously mentioned Consumer Electronics do yet another twisted take on techno influence; break it apart and contort it into unrecognizable shapes and ugly forms. A highly recommendable listen, worth the wait!! (VII)
Check out a track from the Toylettes here.