High Rise - II
(Black Editions)

Black Editions is back with the third installment in their P.S.F. retrospective, High Rise II. Simply put, this album is totally out of control. Blistering, thunderous, electrifying, menacing - these are words that come close but ultimately fall short of conveying the depth and scale of this record. I imagine the experience is similar to sticking a fork in an electrical socket, but even that sensation would most likely be a let down in comparison. High Rise II is bursting with transcendent noise-rock that rocks harder than any noise band and makes more noise than any rock band, an experience so overwhelming that it borders on delirium. This is both an invitation for some and a warning for others. It’s a record best served at maximum volume and not for the faint of heart. 
Originally released in 1986, this marks the first official reissue since its inception being overseen by the original members and deemed the “definitive master” of this already quintessential work. This album is a must for any connoisseur of extreme and daring music. Plug in, turn up, and ascend. (Adam)
Check out a track here.