I Marc 4 - Nelson Psychout - Original Library Music From The Vaults Of Nelson Records

8 years ago Vampisoul launched a series called Psychout; in which the label would explore some of the groovy, psychedelicized funk that studio groups were creating in Italy. The first edition focused on the Flipper Publishing imprint with a double LP compilation of sought after, acid-laced library funk. For the 2nd installment, their dilated pupils are locked into the vaults of Nelson Records and the long-running studio group I Marc 4. 
With a tenure that run from 1970-1980, the I Marc 4 was led by guitarist Carlo Pes; an incredibly successful songwriter with international acclaim. His biggest achievements were co-writing credit for “Il Mondo”, sung by Jimmy Fontana, and “Che Sarà” by José Feliciano. Perhaps these hits bankrolled the ability to experiment in the studio because for his studio work with the I Marc 4, nothing was left off the table. They interspersed jazzy flourishes, fuzz bass, copious wah-wah and plenty of funky drums for across 20 library albums during the 70’s.
Want to get a primer for the I Marc 4’s extensive (and expensive) coursework? You can do no better than Vampisoul’s Nelson Psychout. Sure to flip your wig. (Dom)
Check out a track here.