V/A - Jamaican Rockers 1975-1979
(Kingston Sounds)

Kingston Sounds are definitely one of the most reliable Reggae labels out there, always putting the effort into their compilations in terms of song choice and sound quality (if a little light on the background info). Musically though they really know the score, and you can put this on your player knowing that you have 14 classy and / or classic songs that'll keep you well-charged.
The Rockers Sound (aka Steppas) came from the mid '70s and was created during sessions with The Revolutionaries band at Channel 1. Drummer Sly Dunbar came up with a new "militant" style double drumming on the snare drum that seemed to add some credence to the political / Rasta based lyrics that were so prominent around those turbulent times.  Producer Bunny Lee (always on the ball) got many of his artists to cut Rockers style tracks, and from Johnny Clarke's timeless "Rockers Time Now" and I-Roy's re-working of the same track ("Crisis Time"), through the classics "I Don't Like It" by Leroy Smart and "Money Money" by Horace Andy to the closing plea for "Peace And Love In The Ghetto" (Johnny Clarke again), this LP does exactly what it says on the tin. In Rockers style. (Lee)
Check out a track here.