Jeff Tweedy - Together At Last

Over the long career of Wilco, we have yet to see a proper solo album from main songwriter Jeff Tweedy. He’s been quite prolific, from his earlier projects such as the Americana and alt country of Uncle Tupelo and Golden Smog, the more experimental with Jim O’Rourke and Loose Fur to his most recent family affair with his sons in Tweedy. Perhaps Tweedy has always felt the need to dedicate his non-Wilco songs to his various projects including his 2 recent albums producing gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples.
That may indeed be the case as Jeff Tweedy’s first studio album under his own name, is made up of re-worked, acoustic versions of songs he’s written previously. While Together At Last is mainly made up of Wilco songs, there is one from the 2nd Golden Smog LP, Weird Tales (“Lost Love’) and the first track from the debut Loose Fur LP, “Laminated Cat,” which was actually a longtime Wilco live number previously known as “Not For The Season.”
Tweedy’s take of “Laminated Cat” is a stripped down affair but beautifully retains a signature melody. Gone are the warped synths, sparse guitar squall and hypnotic percussion of Glenn Kotche leaving us bare with Tweedy’s slithering acoustic and close-mic’d vocal free from overdubs. A simple, and restrained take that is revisited throughout the LP.
While it may have taken 25 years to hear Jeff Tweedy recording solo, it is well worth the wait and continues a very heavy recording schedule for him, his family and his band. Keep ‘em comin! (Dom)
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