Kazuma Kubota - Utsuroi
(Amethyst Sunset)

The word "dynamic" is rarely one that is used in the same breath to describe harsh noise. Kazuma Kubota however, has definitely earned this adjective for his own recorded work. For over a decade, this Japanese musician has been crafting and perfecting a trademark blend of beautiful ambiance and extremely harsh cut-up noise. Utsuroi highlights the many tricks and twists that Kazuma has up his sleeve and as always, the delivery and sonic heat that comes from these recordings is exceptional. The opening track starts with swelling, beautiful ambient chords that wouldn't be out of place on a Brian Eno album, before dropping into a steady, pounding, industrial rhythm. Beyond that, rapid, sharp spurts of stereo-panned harsh noise and electronic feedback ad a the final layer of audio mayhem. The next track is another variety of style. It plods along with churning drones while cut-up noise gradually build and build, getting more twisted and chaotic. Out of context, this blend of beautiful sounds and harsh cut-ups can seem a little disjointed, maybe ambitious. However, Kazuma Kubota transcends this by using both of his strengths in these styles to his advantage. He's genuinely skilled at creating very soothing and dreamy ambient sounds and exhilarating noise. Both work together here very organically, but the two sides could survive along in their own projects. Every sound here is mastered beautifully, it's definitely not a "lo-fi" noise record. All the different tones, the low end and crunchy mids, all come through powerfully and effectively. Well worth your time! (VII)
Check out a track here.