Kevin Drumm - Inexplicable Hours

Experimental musician Kevin Drumm emerged from Chicago's improvised music scene during the 1990s, initially receiving attention for his innovative tabletop guitar techniques.  After expanding his instrumentation to include laptop computers and analog synthesizers, he became one of the most acclaimed American noise artists. His work has spanned the extremes, from unrelenting harsh noise to nearly silent drone.
Inexplicable Hours is the sequel of last years successful six-CD boxset Elapsed Time.  The material on the first LP of Inexplicable Hoursdocuments a new direction in his music, with some of his last electroacoustic experimentations with audio generators, field recordings, and various electronic devices.  The material on the second LP explores the same ambient / drone territories as the boxset, but there is less static and it is more complex than it appears on the first listen.  And as always with recent Kevin Drumm music there's a sense of majesty, of mystery and a melancholic beauty that is uniquely his own.
Immaculately packaged in a six-panel, double gatefold sleeve with etchings by Gustave Dore, and including a CD of the whole album, this is an excellent entry point to the amazing work of my go-to American noise / experimental musician. (Lee)
Check out a track here.