The Kingstonians - Sufferer
(Music On Vinyl)

Out of nowhere comes some sweet Rocksteady reissues by Music On Vinyl, limited to 750 units and pressed on orange vinyl. Chief among them, is this crispy and soulful reissue of the sole LP by The Kingstonians. Not seen in the 12” format since 1991. 
Produced by legendary vocalist Derrick Harriott, Sufferer (Trojan, from 1970) features the vocal talents of Cebert and his brother Lloyd "Footy" Bernard with mutual friend Lloyd Kerr. It compiles their 2 hits, “Singer Man” and “Sufferer” along with 10 other crucial rocksteady cuts. Front to back, this is prime stuff from the Rocksteady era with lush but, not too sweet vocals, consistently groovy rhythms and some of the finest harmonies you’re likely to hear by a vocal group. High marks to Music On Vinyl for a faithful reproduction of the Trojan release from the clean pressing to the super-slick sleeve. Highly recommended! (Dom)
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