Kosmose - First Time Out
(Sub Rosa)

Belgian quartet Kosmose, was barely even a functional band during the mid-70’s. They never properly released a studio record and essentially just existed as a live, free-noise jam unit exploring crude, cosmic sounds and hitting touchstones we would now equate to Hawkwind, Guru Guru and Musica Elettronica Viva. 
Their 2015 first-time release, Kosmic Music from the Black Country (recorded in the mid 70’s), was a Double LP set of band rehearsals featuring slow-burn proto noise, free jazz and layers of interstellar raga-crud. Band members Alain Neffe and Francis Pourcel lead the way exploring menacing sounds utilizing analog synths, flute, primitive rhythm box, tarang, bowed strings, atmospheric sounds, plenty of far-out acoustic and electric guitars and perhaps most importantly, no drums. Comprised of 1 long jam on 2 sides of wax, First Time Out takes a decisively DIY counterpoint to Black Country with light-show-ready soundscapes, incense-driven atonal psychedelic dirges alongside periods of scenic and serene passages of sonic bliss. Kosmose were making forward thinking experimental rock but leaning far heavier on the experimental, than the rock. Think Les Rallizes Denudes on quaaludes.
Recorded and mixed in 1975, released for the first time here. Lovely clear vinyl for all you clear-thinking heads out there. (Dom)
Check out a track here