Laraaji - Day of Radiance

Born Edward Gordon in Philadelphia, Laraaji bought his first zither at a pawn shop. He fell in love with the magical quality of the zither and soon converted it to an electronic instrument. In 1978, he began busking around the streets of New York City spreading its beatific qualities.
It was there that Brian Eno came upon Laraaji as he played his zither in Washington Square Park. Eno was at the apex of his career having just finished working with Bowie in Germany while also broadening and educating the world on his creation of the ambient genre. Eno tapped Laraaji for the 3rd volume in his Ambient Series and it just might be the best.
Day of Radiance glistens with Laraaji’s soft and atmospheric strings and its ethereal luminosity relaxes from the opening seconds of the fluid “Dance,” and the warm, blanket-like reverberations of “Meditation #1 & #2.” Eno mostly lets Laraaji direct the proceedings but he layers the zither in a way that can only be described as heavenly. The light touch of reverb and delay are transformative and you practically feel as if you’re walking on clouds. 
Truly awe inspiring and without question, indispensable. (Dom)
Check out a track here.