Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation

The Lil Ugly Mane lore is one that is full of mystery and tons of random happenstance. I first heard Mista Thug Isolation in 2013 (originally released in 2012), when an ex of mine played me the album with the context that this was all made by some noise kid. So right away, I kinda figured out the joke of it all; that this was pretty much the product of a talented individual doing it just because he could. A quick search on Youtube can direct you to a very early video of Mr. Mane (aka Travis Miller) doing a full on harsh noise set with two other people in what looks like a school theater. The album really came out at just the right time when this style of cloudy, hardcore rap had a renaissance. Miraculously, it had enough of a distinct edge to make it an incredible cult hit! The roots of the project kick off the album with a near three minute, churning, noise track bearing the album title. However from then on, the real sound and stylings of Mista Thug Isolation hit full stride with cloudy, bass-nectar filled hardcore bars and beats that are now classic in their own right. It's obvious that Travis isn't just taking the piss here. There is a genuine interest and appreciation for this kind of music as well as for other influential artists that could have inspired this sound such as DJ Screw. Still, this album just has a whole other approach and vibe that set it apart from the explosion of Cloud Rap in the early 2010's. I tend to favor hardcore that has a more heavy and urgent production but this album has too many great tracks to ignore. Classic cuts like "Serious Shit", "No Slack In My Mack", "Cup Fulla Beetlejuice" and of course "Bitch I'm Lugubrious" are 100% banger certified. Expect tons of great flows and lyrics and spacey production. It's a super solid record throughout. The vinyl will not last long! (VII)
Check out a track here.