Mansion - Devil Woman

Clover Sound, a small imprint from the Eastern Nigerian city of Calabar, was set up after the Biafran war ended in the early 70s when the area began to prosper culturally while establishing a rich nightlife. Many great bands sprouted up such as The Apostles, Aktion, The Doves, The Visitors and this one-off psych-funk outfit, Mansion.
Mansion was a pack of teenagers led by John 'Holy Mountain' Ebiong playing funky highlife and funk with psychedelic washes all while being decked up in matching flares. Their sole LP, Devil Woman, stands out for its continuous enthusiasm brought on by acid-guitars, high-strung Farfisa and Ebiong’s snotty vocals. The title track establishes their stylistic tendencies with its hypnotic groove, long and winding fuzz solo and buzzing organs while showcasing how taut Mansion could be. “Heaven Is Here On Earth” is more of a mid-tempo rocker with percussion elements up front in the mix and multi-part wah-wah guitars. It’s a song of longing and of appreciation for the world around you and though it feels like more of a ballad, it still retains a consistent rhythm. 
Very solid LP and a worthy reissue from the PMG label which as of late, has had African funk collectors in a tizzy with the amount of records they’re shipping out. Amidst that steady stream, Mansion stands above the rest. (Dom)
Check out a track here.