Maya Dread - Kaya Dub
(Jah Life)

Major dub LP reissue! Kaya Dub is known as the first dub LP to be released and distributed in the US, going back to 1975.
It’s roots lie in another classic, the King Tubby produced Herb Dub by Jah Lloyd, also released in 1975. Percy Chin and Hyman “Jah Life” Wright reworked some of the cuts on Herb Dub and prepped them here for Kaya Dub.
The set is a classic, killer selection of Tubby style dubs. Heavy basslines, atmospheric drums, steady skanking and some binghi drumming for good measure. There’s also some classic early dub phasing, effects and cosmic flutes to round out this newfound classic.
Highly recommended and a certain winner if you loved Augustus Pablo’s Ital Dub, the Upsetters’ Blackboard Jungle Dub, Joe Gibbs’ Serial Dub or Keith Hudson’s Pick A Dub. (Dom)
Check out a track here