Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass

We had this in briefly last year and it quickly sold out. Japanese percussionist and composer Midori Takada released this incredibly immersive and minimal record, Through The Looking Glass, in 1983 in Japan via RCA. In the 1980s, she explored the music of Asia and Africa filtered through her explorations of marimba, harmonium, vibraphone, gongs, bells and various other ethnic instruments. Through The Looking Glass represents the summation of her time researching international music. What she expresses on the record is a timeless artifact; a sound and aural listening experience that is both spiritual and trance-inducing. In effect, it’s a mystical journey with vibrant and broad strokes of lush tones, meditative atmosphere and pure emotion. It’s an ambient record from the Far East utilizing percussive instrumentation delivering transcendence through and through. First time ever reissued since it’s Japanese release. Includes extensive liner notes. (Dom)
Check out a track here.