Mind Over Matters - Undying Color
(Paradise of Bachelors)

Jamie Fennelly has been recording as Mind Over Mirrors for well over 5 years and with his 6th album, Undying Color, he’s achieved something truly special while corralling some well-established contributors to fill out his sonic palette of Americana, German kosmische and the avant-garde. Joining Fennelly as part of the Mind Over Mirrors band is Jim Becker (Califone) on fiddle and flutes and Jon Mueller on drums who gives the set a sense of propulsion and hypnosis.  Janet Bean (Eleventh Dream Day) and Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux) contribute vocal duties on the long stretching mantra “Gravity Wake” which finds Fohr guiding Fennelly’s synth throbs with a Nico-esque, basso profondo. High marks to Fennelly for finding the earth and keeping his synth compositions grounded in the American Midwest while also attaining a cosmic outer glow. “Glossolaliac” exhibits exactly that with Bean using her voice as part of the instrumentation in the granular, electro-acoustic pathways painted by Fennelly and Becker. Highly recommended for followers of Henry Flynt, Alpes, Popol Vuh, Harmonia and Iasos. (Dom)
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