Minor Threat - S/T

When thinking about ESSENTIAL records, there are those ultra-obvious ones that tend to get overlooked because they have achieved such iconic status since their release. 
Without a doubt the Minor Threat compilation is one of those. The music is obviously archetypal, the statement of the band crucial and the sheer will of the live performance was undeniable. Ian MacKaye created the idea of “Straight Edge” and they pretty much invented hardcore. And that’s not even talking about the imagery. After all, the cover of this comp (and the previous EP it re-purposed) was so quintessential even Nike tried to co-opt (steal) it. 
So let’s stop ignoring Minor Threat. It is an ESSENTIAL compilation from a very ground-breaking band. 
After Teen Idles fell apart, Jeff Nelson and Ian MacKaye enlisted Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar to form Minor Threat in late 1980. The band played their first show about a month after forming and by early next year they had released their first EP, and the 3rd Dischord release, Filler. That EP, along with In My Eyes from later that year, are the basis for this compilation. Listening to the songs for the first time in years, it’s amazing how furious and earth-shaking songs like “I Don’t Wanna Hear It”, “Seeing Red” and “Filler” STILL sound. MacKaye’s vocals are riotous and pummeling, Lyle Preslar’s guitars mean and very lean and Jeff Nelson’s drumming does not let up. And credit due to the legendary Don Zientara who engineered and recorded the band at his Inner Ear Studios (along with almost all the DC hardcore bands).
There’s really no debating the need for Minor Threat in your collection. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’re ready for it. When that time comes, strap in and drop the needle on Minor Threat. (Dom)
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