Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
(Temporary Residence)

The long running, Scottish post-rock travellers Mogwai return once again. Now with Temporary Residence, Mogwai continue to expand and beautify their sound with their 14th album. Longtime collaborator and cosmic luminary Dave Fridmann helps steer the good-ship Mogwai towards pastoral luminescence while laying waste to the spoils of the barren terra firma beneath them. 
The graceful patterns at times recall 2003’s Happy Songs For Happy People but where that record floated, Every Country’s Sunpulses. Mogwai actually present us with a single, the melodic and pop flavored “Party In The Dark” which features the rare vocals of Stuart Braithwaite. Big rhythms and shimmering synths give the song a nice progression while Braithwaite wrestles with direction and purpose while wanting more of life. Mogwai are less prone to startle with dynamic shifts and ear-shattering explosions of guitars as they did in their younger years, (see Young Team), but they still know how to create massive moods and epic soundtracks. At times they settle into ambient hums of decay, (“aka47”), momentous and trance-like symphonic rock, (“20 size”) and anguished, distorted and wordless swaths of intermingling guitar feedback (“Old Poisons”). 
Yes this is another Mogwai record. While they aren’t that many surprises, you know what you will get. And that in itself is the pure joy and excitement of hearing new Mogwai music. Let’s be thankful that they are still producing great music now 20+ years since forming. Always good, always punishing. (Dom)
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