Molecule - 22.7°C
(Because Music)

Incredible!  Molecule returns with a new odyssey both physical and musical. Following the success of 60°43' Nord, his conceptual debut played, recorded, and mixed on a fishing boat during a 34-day journey in the Atlantic Ocean, the French producer decided this time to take the process further up north and embarked on a voyage to Greenland.  Isolated for five weeks in the small Inuit village of Tiniteqilaaq, Romain Delahaye used his "survival electrokit" to find new sounds in the fjords, the icefields, and the hostile, yet dazzling landscapes surrounding him.  Entirely recorded and mixed in this remote place, the tracks of -22.7°C range from contemplative ambient atmospheres to more upbeat techno blizzards that accurately translate this epic self-reflective adventure across a land of contrast, its abyssal silences, its immaculate glaciers and its blinding whiteness.
-22.7°C is like an iceberg, there's two ways to look at it.  What's on the surface (the - mostly - upbeat, bouncing floor-fillers) and what's underneath (samples of the Inuit people, dogs, ice creaking).  This beautifully-packaged album is the perfect balance between accessible (but intelligent), club-ready music and adventurous, experimental field recordings. If you don't dig this review and really need convincing, then check out this video.  If that doesn't float yr boat, then yr waterlogged in yr head. (Lee)
Check out a track here.