Moon Duo - Killing Time (Expanded)
(Sacred Bones)

Ripley Johnson’s Moon Duo seemed like it might be a one-off back in 2009. Afterall, he had a well established psychedelic band in Wooden Shjips that had already put out a few excellent LPs. As what seemed like a lark, he began collaborating with Sanae Yamada for the primitive, motorik and Kraut-driven project Moon Duo. They quickly assembled their debut EP for Sacred Bones,Killing Time, and let the chips fall. Their approach was dead on and hit the sweet spot of Kraut and Space Rock, Psych and Punk with a very crude approach. The songs drone with heavily spaced-out guitars, driving drum machines and an often simple keyboard melody from Yamada. “Killing Time”  vibrates with Johnson’s fuzzed guitars and booming drums while Yamada wields the synth giving the overall tone something resembling Suicide and Amon Duul. “Speed” again conjures that same groove though Yamada’s sludgey and distorted synth creates the bed for Johnson’s echo-laden vocal to lie in. 
With just this EP as a launching point, Moon Duo would go on to create their masterpiece Escape in 2010 and then 4 full-length LPs after it including this years’ Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2, (also available). Now as they edge towards a decade as a band, Moon Duo are reissuing their debut EP as an expanded LP with 3 unreleased bonus tracks and pressed on red vinyl. It’s a perfect spot to start with for Moon Duo and would forecast their stripped-down psychedelia to come. (Dom)
Check out a track here.