Nocturnal Projections - Complete Studio Recordings

While the most notable music to come out of New Zealand during the 1980’s was the pop-driven, indie rock happening in and around Dunedin courtesy of the Flying Nun label, there were also punk and post-punk bands following a different muse. The UK sounds of bands like Joy Division, Swell Maps and Wire had a profound effect on some up and comers in New Zealand.
The Jefferies brothers, Graeme and Peter, were two such receptive sponges for post-punk. They formed Nocturnal Projections in 1981 in New Plymouth; a city practically in another hemisphere compared to Dunedin, where the majority of bands were popping up. With Peter’s signature baritone and Graeme’s stabbing guitars, Nocturnal Projections self-released their first 7” single before signing with a small indie, Hit Records, that actually had RCA distribution. Hit released 2 more 12” EPs but interest failed to generate. They honed their live set, sometimes the sole band doing 3 hour shows, while opening for The Fall and New Order. Propulsive, grimey and angst-fueled: their 3 releases show a band perfecting the post-punk formula with darkened subject matter and primal sound scapes. 
Nocturnal Projections are notable for kickstarting the revered experimental punk group This Kind Of Punishment (with both Jefferies brothers fronting that band) alongside side projects like Plagal Grind and their respective solo recordings. (Definitely spend time with Peter Jefferies' two solo records). 
Complete Studio Recordings gives you it all, and tells a story few have heard. Also available is a live LP, Inmates In Images, showing evidence of just how powerful they were in person. Highly recommended for lovers of the New Zealand scene and post-punk in general. (Dom)
Check out a track here.