Nurse With Wound Plays The New Blockaders - Changez Les Blockeurs
(Dirter Promotions)

1982 saw the release of The New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs. A cassette only full-length that the band released in an edition of just 100. 30+ years down the line, and the impact and significance of that record has been cemented in history becoming one of the most sought after and rarest cassettes from that era. Even going down sometimes as being "the real first full noise” LP and the one that brought the nihilistic concept of anti-music to the new, post-Throbbing Gristle / industrial generation. NWW's Stephen Stapleton is said to be the very first person to have purchased this legendary cassette. And now 36 years later, his own project has completely reworked and paid homage to this release. But not as an attempt to cash in, or to fix anything, or to add any ego to the original. This is a celebratory release, a tribute if you will. NWW's own creative existence owes so much to The New Blockaders anyway, that their own editing and structuring of sound is incredibly complementary to the integrity of TNB's original. Just two sides of harsh and mind bending organic and electro-acoustic sounds. Steve's mastery of sound manipulation is unquestionably solid, and the outcome is very true to form and sincere. A very nice tribute record from one old friend to the other. (VII)