Oneida - Romance
(Joyful Noise)

Long running, psych-deluged, experimental noise-rock steamrollers Oneida are back with a bombastic new record for new label Joyful Noise. Bobby Matador, Kid Millions and Hanoi Jane lead the quintet through a pummeling set of krauty rock songs in which jazz experimentalism, Chrome-like punk arrangements, boundary pushing indie rock and massive songs co-habitate perfectly. 
Bare witness to the rubbery grooves and hypnotic pulse of “Economy Travel” in which Kid Millions overdubs his drums to maximize the rhythmic impact. Get lost in the Suicide-esque throb and pulverizing noise sludge of “Cedars.” Surrender to the bottom-heavy, backwards repetitions and mangled instrumentation of “Bad Habit.” And amazingly, explore the boundless cosmic soundscapes of “Good Lie” and the endless churn, fuzzed out din and golden hues of the 18-minute closer “Shepherd’s Axe.” 
There’s a ton to get behind here. Bottom line though: Oneida have been, and are, one of the best long-running experimental rock bands over the last 20 years. Romance proves it! (Dom)
Check out a track here.